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1913 0r 1914? Iglesia Ni Cristo Doctrinal Discrepancies

             The Iglesia Ni Cristo claimed that they possessed the religious truth in these last days. They claim that they are the only Church of God on earth. The INC themselves give us the canon for the ‘true Church’ in these last day. Here is the statement from their Pasugo dated March-April 1993 on page 6;
            “The true church does not digress from the teachings of the Bible. It never teaches             doctrines that contradict[s].”
             In their canon or standard of the true church were “never digress from the teachings of the Bible” and “it never teaches a doctrine that contradicts.”
            Let us measure the teaching of the INC in the light of number two standard of the true Church, which they themselves stated. Let me ask the INC reader of this article, when was Felix Manalo ‘begun’ to preached? Most of the INC people will give me a reply of the dating as early as 1914.
Here is what the Pasugo dated 1976 page 14
            “One of the proof that Brother Felix Manalo is the fulfillment of the prophecy regarding        the ‘worm of Jacob is that it “BEGAN” preaching the church of Christ and registered the same with the government in July 27, 1914.”
             In this statement, their founder Felix Manalo was dated his preaching was ‘began’ on July 27, 1914 as the exact date they stated. I found nothing wrong if Felix Manalo began to preach that era, however when I read their other magazine that documented another statement that demonstrated their doctrinal discrepancies that beyond remedy.
            The Pasugo, dated July 1997 page 10 dating 1913 as the date their founder began to preach.
            “In 1913, convinced that God called him to preach, He “BEGAN” preaching the INC,    stressing it was the same church founded by Christ. After a several nights of preaching,       he was able to convert 14 believers whom he was baptized as pioneer members.”

 I hope that the reader will take note the obvious conflicting statement made by the INC themselves. In summary,
 In their Pasugo, 1976, stated July of 1914 as the date their founder ‘began’ to preached, while on the same Pasugo dated 1997, dating 1913 as the beginning. I am not bothered if their founder began to preach on 1913 or 1914. However, with the standard they themselves established they fall from the standard of being the ‘true church.’ The true church as they describes was ‘never teaches doctrines that contradicts.’ Since the fact that showed above, no one among them can justified the real conflicting statement made by their theologians.
             My purpose in this article is to enlighten our reader about the lies that the INC high ranking ministers that taught them about the INC as the true church.
Finally, the Pasugo dated on November 1970 page 8 suggested about someone that found a doctrinal fallacy;
“We are all entitled to our own religious beliefs.  But there is nothing wrong nor shameful in correcting our religious beliefs when it is found to be wrong.  It is never to late to change our religion when it is proved to be false.”

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  1. this is ignorance,

    What the INC wanted to say is that July 27, 1914 was the date the INC REGISTERED IN THE GOVERNMENT.

    1913 were the days Bro. Felix is preaching.

    What should be done first?

    Preaching or registering the church?

    this is very funny indeed.
    this is deception!

  2. ibig sabihin mali ung mga Pasugo nyo? ito mismo ang may sabi....